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What does the word “ambition” mean to you?

Ambition can mean different things to different people.  For some it is wealth or status.  To others, it can relate to their career, their family or a desire to travel.

We are wanting explore what ambition means to people, for every person has ambitions at some stage.  They are something that are with us from an early age.  For some they grow as we gain confidence and for others they can sometimes get lost along the way.  Where do our ambitions come from?  Are they learned, genetic, situational, economic or biological?

We want to explore the Australian perspective on it with a few locals from all walks of life.  What are you trying to achieve, right now? 


We would like to offer you the opportunity to be our guest and explore what ambition means to you.  The interview would take place in our newly-built recording studio in Southport and would take only one hour of your time.  This would be free of charge and we would give you some video clips that you could showcase on your own social media channels.

In addition, we are offering a free business coaching session covering digital marketing, social media and any other areas you may wish to focus on for your business.

Would you be interested in taking up this amazing opportunity?  If so, please complete the form below.


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